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Civil War Weekend

So basically I dragged my family on a weekend of Civil War goodness. I know, that sentence doesn't make much sense. It was a long and bloody war with practically no good coming out of it. But it makes for some interesting history.

Our first stop was the Battle of Hartville, a reenactment of the battle that took place January 9-11, 1863. I like the camps best, which represent the soldier's lives. Although I'm pretty sure they didn't have port-a-potties.

After we got home, there may or may not have been a discussion about going to Petit Jean and/or Pea Ridge. I very plainly stated while standing under my mother's car shed, we would be leaving at 9 am the follow day for Pea Ridge. All day she thought we were going to Petit Jean.

This happened instead:

Canons on the battlefield.


Elkhorn Tavern.

Walkway to the corrals at the tavern.

Elk horns (they're actually antlers) on the roof.

1848 bed donated to the park by the Bentonville Hotel.

Obelisk dedicated to the reunion years after the war.

This crazy t-shirt I almost bought because it was only $1.
This was at Wal-Mart, not the military park. I tried to get
the whole family to get one and wear it with me, but
they're a bunch of sticks in the mud.
The Battle of Pea Ridge was a devastating blow to the Confederates after successfully taking Wilson's Creek. They lost three commanders here and it sealed Missouri for Union protection. The battle raged from March 7 to the 8th.

I may have inadvertently insulted the man dressed in period costume by stating that Elkhorn Tavern wasn't as fancy as the Ray House at Wilson's Creek. What I meant was, the Ray House is decked out in period decor. The tavern was a lovely building, although it isn't the original that was standing when the battle happened. Bushwhackers burned it a few months after the battle, but the Cox family rebuilt it and it stands today. If I was rich, I would totally donate period authentic items to the tavern so they could spruce it up a bit like it might have been in the 1860s.

It was a lovely drive, although kind of windy yesterday. I'd been itching to get down to Pea Ridge for a while. I should have mentioned sooner that I wanted to go to Prairie Grove, but I didn't, so that's a trip for another time. Probably after we get down to Petit Jean.