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Her Heart's Surrender Release Day!

You know what day it is! It's the glorious day in which Vikings are bursting into your world and stealing you away from the humdrum day you're having. It's Her Heart's Surrender release day!

You might remember me talking about this book last summer. The one that finally picked me up out of that fizzled-out stage I was in and launched me into something exciting. Ever written about Vikings before? Nope. All I knew was, I needed something different.

Vikings it was!

I have to thank some folks, because without them, this story isn't possible. First, D'Ann Lindun, because she never said, "What the hell is this?" She just said, "Give me more!" Love you, D'Ann. Second, my critique group, Traci, Allison, Faye, and Catherine. They saw the problems and helped me fix it.
Amanda, because Amanda is a wonderful, understanding editor who knows right where to polish.
All the folks at Three Worlds Press for taking a chance on me. Thank you guys!

Yeah, I was a little nervous about this story, even considered making it a fantasy for a while, but in the end, the Vikings prevailed. They are dying to battle their way onto your e-reader. Give them a chance?

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