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In Case You Missed It-Wildwood Spring Has a New Cover!

Thursday night while I was probably whacked out on cold medication (this thing just lingers and lingers), I decided to reveal the cover for Wildwood Spring. I meant to re-release it in the fall and maybe do a big cover reveal, but then...I just thought, tha heck am I keeping this to myself for? See, sounds like whacked out cold medicine thoughts, huh?

Cover. Pretty. So perfect. I did it myself. Okay, I didn't cut those nice people out, I hired someone to do that, but I did the rest. Not only does it have an all-new cover, but it also has an all new tagline and blurb. Here's that thing for you:

Rumors of the legendary healing waters of Wildwood Spring feed Celia Landry's belief there's a chance to save her ailing mother. She'll brave harsh weather and even the spring's reclusive owner in order to fill a bottle.

When Celia appears at Turner Wildwood's gate half frozen and babbling about curative water, his first inclination is to turn her away, but her bravery wins his admiration and he sends her home with a bottle full of hope even as he warns her there is no magic at Wildwood.

She returns to the manor seeking solace and finds it in the wondrous rooms at Wildwood and in Turner's arms. But sins of the past haunt the house and another threat seeks to unlock the secrets of Celia's checkered background. Old prejudices could destroy the couple's happiness before they discover the true miracle of love.

Keep your eyes peeled--the release date is coming sooner than you think!