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Spring Fever - Love Is In The Air Blog Hop

Good Friday morning, kids!

Welcome to day 1 of the Spring Fever Love Is In The Air Blog Hop. I'm delighted to join in as I haven't blog hopped in a quite a while. 

I love spring mornings, even though I'm not a morning person, because they always seem so full of promise. Today, I offer you the promise of reading! If you comment and leave your email address on my blog, you'll be entered to win a copy of Cowboy Up 2, a box set of contemporary cowboy novellas from six hot western authors! Yay!

I thought you'd like that. And of course, don't forget to visit the other blogs on this hop, because you could win the grand prize, a gift card! That's one of my favorite prizes.

Back to that spring thing--I'm so glad it's finally spring. Some of the trees are starting to leaf out, more have pretty little blooms, and the daffodils have popped out of the ground. The grass is so green and bright, it's almost hard to look at. There are new spring babies everywhere. My favorites are the newborn calves. We have lots of cows around here.

I typically write romances set in the spring or summer. Winter is good for cuddling, yes, but the green seasons are my favorite and there's nothing hotter than a sultry kiss, a warm breeze, and maybe getting undressed beneath a starry sky. Um...I'm not going to admit either way if I have any personal experience with that.

Maybe my love for a romance set in the spring has a little something to do with my own--I did meet my husband in the spring. We had a summer wedding. I'll admit, it was hot (in more ways than one *wink, wink*), but the perfect time of year for a wedding.

In Good Ride, Cowboy, I don't necessarily specify the time of year, but it is warm. My characters attend a formal birthday party for one of the hero's friends and they spend some of the evening in a well landscaped garden full of rose blooms. Romance cliche? Eh, maybe, but who doesn't want to kiss a hot cowboy amid a bunch of fragrant blossoms?

Want a little taste of that kiss? Well, okay.

“Well slap my butt and call me Sally. Perry's got him a girlfriend.” Ashley beamed, but then a flash went off in front of them. “Mama wants lots of pictures. Don't pay any attention to the cameramen. Tell me the meet-cute story.”
Perry blinked, blinded by the camera flash. “We're old friends from high school.”
“Aww.” Ashley tilted her head and smiled as she looked between them. “That is just darlin'. I wish I could have a story like that someday, but we all know the boys at my school just like me 'cause of Daddy's money.” She grabbed Sommer's arm and pulled her close. “Don't you dare let this one go, Sommer. He is the best cowboy in the world and an even better friend, which is so important in a relationship. If I was older, I'd have snatched him up in a second. As it is, I have too much travelin' and too many oats to sew. Perry won't wait for me.”
Sommer's face strained in a frown. “Um, yes. He's been a really good friend.”
“You two don't stay too late at the concert, you hear?” Ashley wagged her finger at them. “You go back to the suite and enjoy yourselves.” She pulled Sommer into a hug. “I'm so happy you're with Perry. I hate seeing him alone.” Then she turned and sashayed away.
“What?” Sommer blinked. “That was like...”
“Sort of like a tornado.” Perry shrugged. “She comes by it honest.”
“I noticed. Wow.” Sommer shook her head. “I kind of expected her to claw my eyes out when she saw me with you. That...that was not what I imagined.”
“You've been away from good people too long. C'mon. I need a drink and maybe some air before they call supper.” He took her arm and led her from the entryway. Her hand was soft and relaxed on top of his wrist. The contact made his blood sizzle. “She's right, you know. I am the best cowboy in the world.”
Sommer laughed. “Is that so? For what it's worth, you're the best looking cowboy in a tux on this property.”
“But not all of the men here are cowboys.” He arched a brow. “Well, I'm not passing out awards for the best looking man overall yet. I have a whole night ahead of me.”
“I see how it is. Get an invitation to the cool kids' party and the cowboy is acceptable as a chaperon, but you keep shopping for something better.” He directed her out a door to the rose garden on the east wing of the house. The soft fragrance of hundreds of roses drifted on the air. The sun had set and strands of white fairy lights stretched between the trees, casting enough light to see the river rock paths through the bushes.
Sommer's features were shadowed under the dim light, but that shiny lip gloss wouldn't let him forget her lips.
“Perry, I'm teasing, you know that, right? I'm so honored you'd introduce me to your friends when I'm practically a hobo you found in a gutter.”
“Sommer, be quiet.”
He leaned in and cupped her jaw. Their lips met. For a few heartbeats, she seemed surprised, but she relaxed and kissed him back. The faint notes of the string quartet playing in the house reached the garden and the night insects symphony hummed around them. The humid Texas night didn't warm him the way holding her close did.

Thanks to her ex-boyfriend, Sommer Allen's life is in shambles. She's headed home to Courtland, Texas for her sister's wedding, but when a quick stop a gas station ruins her plans, she's left stranded and at the mercy of a handsome cowboy.

Perry Glidewell is on his way back to Texas after winning another championship in the arena versus a bull. When he finds Sommer having a meltdown in the middle of a parking lot, he knows he can't leave her alone. Since her hometown is near his, it makes sense to hit the road together.

Sommer never imagined falling for a cowboy. His manners and gallant attitude win her over quickly, but with her future uncertain, she's not quite willing to give her whole heart to Perry. He'll do whatever it  takes to break the walls around Sommer's heart, because beneath her tough-talking exterior, he sees she's the type of Texas girl he's always dreamed of.

All right, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Tell me about your favorite season or your wedding (real or dream), and I'll pick a winner at the end of the blog hop to get the Cowboy Up 2 box set!

Don't forget to visit the other blogs for more chances to win other great prizes!

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  1. I got married in my parents backyard. My mom did all the decorations and it was warm and sunny and such a sweet day. It was 21 yrs ago but I can still smell the flowers.

  2. Spring is my favorite season, love that the weather is getting warmer and flowers are growing

  3. Spring in my favorite, its like a new world waking up. Entering under the name of Virginia

  4. Spring is my favorite season, not to hot or to cold.

  5. My favorite seasons here in Massachusetts are late Spring & early Fall,.. when it's not too hot & not too cold lol. The weather is just perfect during those times. =)

    Take care & I hope you have a great week! =)
    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

    1. Oh & forgot to add,... thanks for sharing the excerpt with us! I enjoyed reading it! <3 Cowboys are my favorites to read about. =)


  6. I love spring...everything is coming alive.

  7. like Spring for the flowers

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  8. I love the Spring because It is no longer cold and it is not so hot yet because it is not summer. Mostly the smell of the flowers, the colors and just the spring in the air.

  9. Spring is my favorite season because it's the begining of warmer weather and spring flowers. I love flower's. Thank you

  10. I love Spring too! I love Spring because of the weather. Everything seems so much more cheery and free when it's spring. Not too hot, not too cold.


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