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When Everything Comes Up Allison

Last week was a big, damn, glorious week. As I said on a status update: Everything is coming up Allison.

The lovely shine of two book releases and the Cowboy Up 2 box set going to #1 has yet to wear off. Her Heart's Surrender made the top 100 list on Amazon and got a pretty silver star on ARe. Plus, I got Wildwood Spring formatted in both ebook and print, so you'll want to keep you eyes peeled for that. The proof shipped and I can't wait to hold it.

Also, there was the issue with the car I was worried about--we thought something was wrong with the brakes, the brake guy couldn't find anything, and so my husband and father-in-law took it apart. They thought it might be a wheel bearing, but of course, wheel bearings for this model are impossible to find on short notice. Thank heavens they took it apart first, because it turns out some part of the drum on the back was rubbing something else. It cost $0 to fix, hooray! Seriously, it was a fantastic week.

I'm kicking this week off with a first draft finish. I've also been writing nearly every day. I finally finished the first draft of Tell. It has several rough spots, but I was like, yes, this is crap, but it's better than no crap. Plus, despite my intentions of not wanting to write two books at once, I've been plowing along on a new historical romance. It hit 10k last night. That's 20% finished at a goal of 50,000 words.

Of course, believe it or not, I actually have two sooper sekrit projects I'm semi-sort of plotting right now. One involves And another involved a fairy tale you've probably never heard of. But you will. *evil laughter* Enough blogging. Write. Write. Write.

Oh, and I don't even know how I forgot this, but Wildwood Spring was nominated in the RONE Awards too. Voting for its category starts Monday the 20th. I'll post a link.