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Wildwood Spring & the Oscars of Indie

Sounds a bit like a children's book. It's not. Voting for the 2015 RONE Awards starts today, and as you know by now, Wildwood Spring is nominated in the Historical: Post Medieval category. If you wanted to tap dance over there and vote for it, I have a magic link.

Remember, though: You must have an account with InD'Tale to vote. It's really painless, I swear, and they have a really lovely magazine that they send you once a month for free with reviews, articles, and all sorts of things to keep you up on the indie and small press world. Painless. You have my word. Just create an account at InD'Tale and then you can click InD'Scribe / RONEs and select 2015 RONE Awards from the drop-down menu, then select Week Two or you can click here and be magically taken there.

Voting goes through April 26, so if you don't have time today, you have all week, but don't put it off until you forget, because...well, you'll have forgotten. Don't say, "Oopsey". Then you're sad, I'm sad, and we'll have to eat ice cream with our tears in it instead of victory ice cream. Think about it--you want victory ice cream. We all want victory ice cream.

Also, very important news. This weekend, I was able to get Wildwood Spring uploaded to Create Space and now it's available on Amazon in paperback form. Ebook form is awesome, paperback is very, very awesome. You can get it here or here.

DID YOU KNOW: RONE stands for Reward of Novel Excellence? Neither did I. Read about the RONE Awards here.

Then go vote, for heaven's sake!


  1. I want VICTORY ICE CREAM! Voted!

    1. Victory ice cream is the best ice cream. Thanks for your vote, I appreciate it. :)


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