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An Author's Work

Wow, I had such an awesome weekend. We kicked it off with the first night of First Friday Artwalk at BookMarx in downtown Springfield. I had so much fun with Rosalie Stanton, Yvonne Erwin, and Heather Snow. What a great bunch of authors. I even sold some books. Woo!

Saturday, the spousal unit and I went to Eureka Springs to distribute flyers and inform the masses of my (and Lisa Medley's) upcoming presence in their town. I about killed myself running up and down stairs between two streets. I understand why there's a bar between the streets on those stairs, believe me. It was tempting to stop in and have a shot before making a Herculean effort to reach the top. I refrained. There are more than a few flyers hanging up around town now.

Last night, I joined two other authors on a broadcast called Authors in the Round on In The Hole Studio's site. I Skyped, and it was a lot of fun.

I'd like to say, okay, I can relax now, but I still have a ton of things to do before we're all nailed down for the 16th when we're in Arkansas. A writer's work is never done.