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Boot Camp, Baby

Here we are at the week before the last week of May. My, has time flown. I've been working on a historical romance I started the 1st of April. I started it to participate in Savvy Author's Boot Camp. I haven't done much on that forum, nor have I reported in every day since the day their forum broke, so I've been doing everything on my own.
Tick tock, let's get this book written, y'all.

The good news: I'm at 43,000 words, shooting toward 50,000. There are a fair few days left in lovely May, so I'm very much hoping that despite some hits and misses in this rough draft, I will get my word count goal in before the 1st of June.

This time, I chose a fictional town in Arkansas as a place to set up a romance story with some light suspense. I've enjoyed writing it because despite the 50k goal, I haven't rushed myself on it much. There was no urgency, just a pleasurable jaunt through the fictional world. It was nice to have a goal. I hope to have it finished before the middle of June. I was really hoping to wrap it up at 50k, but it seems like it might stretch on a bit longer, which is good. I'm sure I can cut out several hundred words of filler while I edit, so it's fine if I go over 50k. Also, I'm so excited, because I finally put in for vacation time--and got it cleared--so I can get some rest the week after my birthaversary. Lots to look forward to in June.