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Guest Post & Book Feature - Between Love and War by Sheri Velarde

Welcome Sheri Velarde back to the blog with her new release!

Ancient gods and mythology have long been a fascination of mine. I read every mythology book I could find as a child/teen. Never did I think that one day I would be writing about gods in some of my stories and having said stories actually published. But with the Gods Behaving Badly series that is exactly what is happening, I am actually getting paid to write about misbehaving gods! How cool is that? I still don’t quite believe it myself,

This series was never intended to be a series. It all started with Looted, which originally was going to be a standalone short about Aphrodite living in the modern world as an art thief. I was working in an art museum at the time and became fascinated with all the great art heists in history. As I began to write the story though, it became very evident that the characters had a lot more to say and that is how Stealing Hearts came to be. The more I wrote about Aphrodite (who goes by Sophia now, just so you know), the more other gods started to bug me to tell their story as well.

Ares makes an appearance in Stealing Hearts and he was the first to demand his own story be told, hence Between Love and War, the love story between Ares and Mania. Of course the mythology nerd is loving this series, I do take some liberties, but I am pulling from ancient myths for my inspiration. Gods in modern times are just so much fun to write about! I am already three books in, but some many more gods are talking to me. Poseidon just showed up in Between Love and War. Eros/Cupid has a story to tell from Stealing Hearts. (Incidentally Aphrodite and Eros’ daughter are in Lost Souls, a fallen angel story in the Gods Behaving Badly world). Athena needs to make an appearance. Hera I am sure will show up. And Zeus, well he won’t stand for getting none of the attention. Who else will speak to me from their myths and beg to come into our time? Who knows, I am just going along for the ride! That is half the fun of being an author.

After the Fall, Ares spent a thousand years searching for his lost love Mania. Thinking he had lost her forever, he settled into the life of a mercenary here on earth. Then the fates, and his sister the goddess of love, showed him Mania was alive and well. He travels to London hoping to regain what he had thought lost forever.

Mania had spent a millennia as a wraith of madness before slowly starting to rebuild herself into a new and independent woman. Art had been her outlet and her savior. Then one night her world is turned upside down when her old love walks back into her life. Can she love him again and still remain the woman that she had become?

Unbeknownst to both of them a mysterious organization is lurking in the background and threatening to unravel the lives of all the gods on earth.

Sighing with relief that she hadn’t slammed the door in his face, he offered her a coffee. “I know it’s early for you, but I just couldn’t wait any longer. I spent the whole night kicking myself for the way I behaved yesterday. I was so emotional and confused I even called my sister for advice. I never call anyone for advice, let alone the goddess of love.”
“What advice did Aphrodite have?” Maia asked curiously, a slight smile playing on her face.
“To stop acting like an ass and to come and talk to you,” he admitted.
Maia actually laughed. “I always did like her. Come sit down. I really wanted to talk to you after I saw you standing outside, but you ran so fast. I tried going to your hotel as well, but they said you were no longer staying there. Your phone had been disconnected. How did you managed to disappear entirely so quickly? I was afraid I’d never see you again or get to explain what you saw.”
“And what did I see?” Ronan held his breath as he waited for an answer.
“Not something to warrant such a strong reaction, though I suppose if you had been the one who had seemingly blown me off and then I found you in the arms of another woman I would have reacted badly as well.” She took a break to sip some coffee and nibble on her croissant. Her lips were making it hard for Ronan to concentrate. All he wanted to do was capture them with his own. “My friend and business partner lost his father the other day. I spent the day before yesterday taking care of things so that he wouldn’t have to. You saw me comforting him when you stopped by. There was nothing romantic about that hug. I swear.”
“So there’s still hope for me?” Ronan asked, leaning forward, close enough to kiss her, but not daring to just yet.
“There will always be hope for you when it comes to me, Ronan. I’ve always loved you…”
He didn’t need to hear any more. He leaned in and captured her lips, kissing her like he wished he had at her opening. He knew he shouldn’t push her, that he should pull away and give Maia the space his sister advised, but the magic, love, and lust swirling around as he kissed her wouldn’t let him. He had been searching for this ever since the fall and he had lost his one true love. Now that he had her again he didn’t know if he could ever let her go. The good news was that Maia wasn’t fighting or trying to pull back. Instead she leaned into the kiss, moaning softly. That was all the encouragement that he needed. He grabbed Maia and pulled her closer, lifting her easily and settling her on his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck, never breaking their kiss.

About the Author:
Sheri Velarde, lives in New Mexico with her fiancé and their two dogs.

Being an avid reader since an early age, she has wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember. She has been writing all her life, but only recently started to actually try to pursue her dream of writing for a living. She specializing in paranormal romance and erotic romance.

She is constantly putting out new material with various publisher, so it is best to keep up with her on her website

In her spare time Sheri is an artist, jewelry designer, and freelance non-fiction writer.

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