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My long-awaited time has come--vacation, at last.

Well,  almost. I have an eight hour work day to get through first. I wish I could say vacation would be filled with days where I sleep in, write for a few hours, lounge in the sun, and be really, really lazy, but we kind of have more plans than that. The next couple of days are going to be hectic as we prepare the car for a road trip, I try to get the dogs to their grooming appointment on time, and we wash all our clothes in attempt to get packed and loaded by Monday evening.

I'm sure I'll have some lovely photos to show you of the time away from home. I'm also sure I'll probably accomplish no writing. In some ways, that's great. A break can be helpful. In other ways, it's frustrating, because of the get-it-done mentality I possess. Sometimes, after a long time away from a project, I don't want to finish it. I fall into the trap of, I stopped before, what's the point of going on? Especially because I'm an insecure writer anyway, so I find myself questioning the story as I write.

Don't get me wrong. I like the Vikings. If I didn't, I certainly wouldn't have started a new novel about them. But I'm always terrified no one is going to like it. Maybe this one won't be as good as the last one. Writing series scares the hell out of me. You'd think after years of writing and plenty of really good reviews I wouldn't worry, but yeah, I worry anyway.

Again, don't get me wrong. I'm glad to finally get a break. I'm really looking forward to visiting a place I've never been before. Even if I don't get to sleep in every day, I'll still be able to relax. When I'm not thinking about work, that is, but I'll try not to. I think vacation is going to be great. You know what they say--a writer never gets a vacation, because it's impossible to shut down the mind. If only there was an OFF switch for a little while. But I can't wait to get out of the office. I'm counting the minutes.

Ugh, come on, Friday. Release me from your work clutches.


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