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Roads Diverged in a Wood

I'm thrilled this Monday morning to announce both Wystan and Eban (The Heckmasters 1 & 2) are up for Book of the Month at Long and Short Reviews if you want to pop in for a just a second and vote for one of them. It just takes a second--two clicks--I swear. Well, three to get you to the page, but you can vote HERE. Either of my Heckmaster men would love a click by their name.

Read the review for Wystan and Eban. They were both wonderful reviews, four and 1/2 and five stars respectively.

On Friday, I announced the completion of my 13th book, a historical romance set in Arkansas, but not Eureka Springs this time. Saturday, I decided it needed an epilogue to introduce another character who's mentioned in the story. He's the wandering brother of the hero, but should I deem him worthy (ha! Should he get mouthy and demand a story of his own) he'll be the hero of another novel. Love Won't Run is the title of the finished novel and it's my first western historical in over a year. I feel so triumphant, despite it being the 13th novel. Some might say it's unlucky, but I feel really optimistic.

So what's next?

I have plenty of options. Two are novellas for box sets, one scheduled to come out in November, the other set to release in February. Then there's that sequel begging to be written to Her Heart's Surrender. Not to mention since the Heckmasters trilogy is finished, I have an idea for another paranormal historical. Oh, I have lot of options, which is great. What to do, what to do? Shake the ideas up in a jar and pick one?

Nah, I think I have a pretty good idea. One of the box set word counts is 20k-ish, the other is 30k-ish. My intention is to work on them simultaneously, which will be fun since they're both different genres. Then I'll probably get started on the next Viking romance. You know, unless my good intentions put me on the road to Hell.