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The Writing Game

There's something about June that leaves me not wanting to blog. I'd rather do anything except try to come up with a topic right now. Because last year was so hectic and I didn't do much writing, I used that as an excuse. I don't have one now.

I've been busy editing, writing a synopsis, trying to push forward on a little Regency novella I'm working on. Yeah, that. I won't lie. It's scary. I have no idea what I'm doing with it. In fact, I'm a little horrified because I'm nearly one third done with it and the hero and heroine have met exactly once when she was reeling from a head injury. Good going. I really have to amp things up in the remaining two thirds.

My intentions were to go to work on another contemporary western--yeah, that too. I think I've written nearly a page. The title I came up with sounds stoopid, which is a point of frustration. So I turned elsewhere.

I got my hair did. You like?
I'm back in 10th century Northumbria, hanging with my Viking friends. I did get the first 6000 words written shortly after I finished Her Heart's Surrender, but I put it aside in favor of finishing Tell. That, and I didn't have a super great plot idea worked out either. What? Me? Have a plot? Psssh, never stopped me before. I'm kind of grasping at straws here, because the poor Vikings have just come out of a war with some pretty serious casualties. I really don't want to shove them back in that situation again. My hero, Eoghann, is having some serious doubts about almost everything going on in his life, except his recent marriage, but he's worried that Idunna is going to dump him once she gets what she wants. It's quite the problem. I can obviously give her what she wants, but if they're on the run--and likely to be--that's going to complicate things. I have the utmost confidence Eoghann and Idunna will figure this out for me. I've gotten about 7000 words down this week and things are progressing nicely. I'm very proud of how well the Viking stories almost write themselves. I've been doing tons of research too, which I find fun. You can never know too much about Vikings, right? For most of my other books, I just make stuff up, minus some of the historical points in the western historicals. I do try to stick to facts, or at least as well as I know them.

I'd kind of taken a break from writing for the last couple of weeks. It's nice to be back in the swing of things. I feel better when I'm torturing characters (spoiler alert: I shot an arrow into Eoghann. It felt so good). Especially when it's smooth going. Here's hoping the next 36-40 thousand words go as well.