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Some News I Could Use

It's been almost a year since Wystan (The Heckmasters, Book 1) came out. It's been about two years since I wrote and entered it in the Weta Nichols Writing Contest. Much to my surprise, it won. Remember? It was glorious. I got a 100 on one score sheet.

Last year, I had no entry for the Weta, because I was having a rough writing time. So I skipped it. But a lot of my favorite author friends entered and did well. Yay for them!

This year, I had a submission. An idea that's totally wacky and out there. So I prettied it up with the help of my friend Author Brenda Dyer and sent it in to the Paranormal/Sci-fi/Fantasy category.

I recently found out that my submission finaled in the contest. My face might have looked something like this after I read the email:
I regret not buying waterproof mascara.

I poured my heart into that entry, so don't mind my runny mascara/overjoyed shouting.

The competition is stiff, but I'm in good company. I'm really pleased to have finaled because that alone is a big deal. Now if I can keep from chewing off my fingernails before ORACon2015.

*Dear Disney, please don't sue me for using the image of Charlotte La Buoff. I love you.


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