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Her Heart's Surrender & the TWP Voter's Choice Awards

I was plenty surprised when I found out we were having a Voter's Choice Awards sponsored by Three Worlds Press.

You know, the publisher of Her Heart's Surrender. So now I need your votes. #VikingsFortheWin and #GoVikings

Here are the categories Her Heart's Surrender is nominated in:

-Most dramatic, edge of your seat scene (you can read it here)

-Best Love Scene - Sweet (you can read it here)

-Best Line in a comedy or drama ("Pick yourself up, there's a war on.”) <>

- Your choice for our 2015 Cover of the Year.... (It's by Victoria Miller--fantastic!)

In case you forgot how awesome it is.
How could you forget, though?

So click HERE and help me justify my attachment to these characters. I'm 15k away from finishing the second book. If you want it, you'll vote for Her Heart's Surrender. *Evil laughter*

So go vote already!