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That Old Familiar Feeling

It should be familiar, anyhow. I've finished books. Lots of them (which, a couple of years ago, seemed impossible). I'm this close (--) to finishing Her Heart's Desire, the sequel to Her Heart's Surrender. Yes, more Vikings!

I know what has to happen. I'd like to get at least 2,000 more words out of it, but I'm not sure I will. At any rate, I'll take whatever comes from the ending. It's going to be a good one.

I hadn't really planned to finish Her Heart's Desire this month. I just finished my contemporary romance novella, Marry Me Again, Cowboy, in September (pre-order Cowboys Forever & it will be delivered November 30 to your device. Plug!) and my Regency romance novella, A Duke Worth His Salt, in October. The plan was to take a little time, recover from rushing, and let the words come gradually.

They did not cooperate. And I have a raging case of tendinitis in my wrist and thumb to show for it. And a serious case of eye strain--I've really got to get an eye exam soon. And...a burning desire to start another western historical romance to follow up Love Won't Run. I'm going to try to take December off, but no promises.

On the other hand, I'm sitting here, writing in this blog about these projects...delaying the obvious. I should be writing the end to Her Heart's Desire right now. I'm a master procrastinator. What can I say?

Go, go, go. Write, write, write. Today I close this chapter (pun!).


  1. You are a writing machine! I can't even keep up with you. I'm at least a Viking novel behind! :D Go write!


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