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Maybe It's Upcoming Release Day Nerves...Or Demons. Probably Demons.

It is Monday. Again. Ugh.

Although, strangely, it's the last Monday in March. Wow, the time is both flying and sees to be dragging. I think it hasn't helped that I've been sick for the last two weeks. Stobrod says it's head flu and it's a million times worse than any cold he's ever had. He said when he had bronchitis in December, it wasn't as bad as this. Which is totally untrue, believe me as the spouse who had to put up with him.

Despite fighting that super nasty head cold the last week, I've been trying to put out more words on Tell. I wanted to have his book finished at the end of this month, because it's long overdue, but alas, I'm only 49k into it as of last night. Which means as far as my planning goes, I only have 16k left to write. Whether or not Tell and Sylvie let me get by with 16k is another story, but that's what I have planned. My intentions were to do Camp NaNo next month. Now if I write like hell (pardon the pun--Heckmasters…

Cover Reveal - Her Heart's Surrender

Today I'm pleased to introduce you to my lovely cover for Her Heart's Surrender. You know, the Viking romance I wrote last fall. This gorgeous cover was created by Victoria Miller, cover artist at Three Worlds Press. She did a fantastic job.

 One woman will turn the tide of battle by risking everything for the man she loves. Taken from her village as a child, Ealasaid has lived under the iron rule of a Viking king for far too long. The only good to come out of her life is her son. As long as the king lives, their freedom and hope for the future seems dismal. Despite her contempt for the king and his bloodline, she's drawn to Hella Ingvasson, the man who kidnapped her, and the plight he faces when the king dies. His father's final demand is that Hella must wed if he's to claim the throne. What better revenge than to marry the thrall his father hated most? Despite her fears Hella will become like his father, Ealasaid agrees to marry for her son’s sake, but she q…

We're #1, We're #1!

Throw the confetti, pop the champagne, cut the cake.

The fantabulous authors of Cowboy Up 2 are Number One in the UK!

We're this (---) close in the US.

Getting #1 is kind of like winning an award. It's a super sweet feeling. It also makes Monday a little bit better. Especially considering I accidentally bought strawberry banana mouse and yogurt instead of just strawberry. On the other hand, I've had a wicked cold that left my taste buds out of commission, so it was kind of amazing that I could taste the banana anyway. One thing I learned about not being able to taste anything is that you really start to notice the texture of foods. It's kind of interesting.


We're #1! And the set is still and always just 99 cents, so I don't know why you wouldn't buy it. It's an Amazon exclusive and you can get it by clicking right here.

And while you're at it,  you might as well get Cowboy Up, which is also 99 cents because why wouldn't you at a price li…

Guest Post & Giveaway with Margo Hoornstra

Write What You Know. Of Course, But There’s More
Write what you know, a main tenant of the writing profession. Use your own experiences, your preferences and interest because, let’s face it, if you tried to write about something you knew nothing about, you really would have nothing to say.

Saturday In Serendipity is three stories of love rediscovered at a twenty year, high school reunion.
Three Strikes Thursday showcases professional baseball’s former golden boy, Barry Carlson who has some serious making up to do to Amanda Marsh, the one who got away. For Barry, winning Amanda back is remarkably easy. Too bad keeping her with him proves difficult. Two On Tuesday has venture capitalist Matt Durand with the money Blane Weston needs to keep her struggling construction company afloat. Both soon learn, though, money isn’t everything and some people aren’t always what they seem. One Fateful Friday brings hospital CEO Jake Holbrook and family practice physician Bethany Thomas, MD together foll…

Book Feature - Take A Chance, Cowboy by Lacey Wolfe

Only .99 for the first two weeks after release! Blurb:
Can a city girl heal a cowboy's broken heart?

Nathan Carver gave up on love long ago after a betrayal he wasn't sure he could ever get over.

When Angie Simms arrives in town to help his brother's fiancée with their upcoming wedding, she stirs things in him that he hasn't felt in a long time. Things he doesn't want to feel. So he pushes her away.

Angie wants what she wants, and doesn't always think before she speaks. When she lays eyes on sexy cowboy Nathan, she's determined to find out what caused his brooding attitude. She can tell right away that he's not someone to play with. He's got a layer of hurt around his heart, which makes him that much more attractive.

The feisty woman is determined to make Nathan her conquest, but will he take a chance on Angie?

Content Warning: contains adult language and sexual situations

"So, cowboy." Angie set her beer bottle down. "You're …

The Friday Five - Friday the 13th Historical Events

It's Friday the 13th and there's nothing we can do about it. Has bad luck hit you yet? I woke up with sludge in my throat and feeling like I've been hit by a train, but I'm blaming it on being around some smokers in the bowling alley (where I sucked at both games as per usual) and the change to Daylight Saving Time. Someday I will feel rested again, I'm sure. And perhaps soon my sinus medication will kick in. Until then...blurg.
Let's do something fun. Five things that happened This Day in History. Go!
1) 1781- William Herschel discovers Uranus. Go ahead, laugh. I'll wait. ...... Done? The seventh planet in our solar system was originally called Georgium Sidus, but some jerk face said, "Let's call it by a deity name like the other planets." So that's what happened and now we've got Uranus orbiting the sun. Keep laughing.
2) 1881 - Tsar Alexander the II was assassinated. As seemed to happen with a few Russian leaders. His assassins wer…

An Author at Rest Remains at Rest

To sleep perchance to dream...about anything, really. Mostly just sleep to sleep though. I'm exhausted. This week has been filled with a sick dog, arranging social media for Eban's release, and welcoming Winkie to our world. What's a Winkie, you ask?

That adorable one-eyed monster in the left corner is a Winkie. She's 4.9 lbs of furious tail-wagging sweetness. Or in simpler terms, PeeWee's new baby sister. PW's baby sister who for some reason decided last night she didn't want to sleep through the night, but instead wanted to wander across the bed like she was trekking the desert. For the first night since Sunday, PW did sleep through the night without having to go outside to let his butt explode. No one is certain what caused his nearly week-long bout of digestion issues, but the vet fixed us up with some medicine and hopefully I won't have to keep doing laundry every day. Sweet relief for me and him.

Because of all these things, I've gotten zero, …

Guest Post by Sheri Velarde

Why Greek gods in modern times?
When I decided to try my hand at an actual book series, the first idea that popped into my mind was that it should be about Greek gods. That is where the idea for the Gods Behaving Badly series started. People since then have asked me why Greek gods? Why not? Not only are there plenty of gods to choose from, which means lots of potential characters for a book series, but they are fascinating to me. I believe that you should write what you know and love, so ancient gods from mythology just made me want to write them. Plus let’s face it, all those overgrown personalities make for some pretty good fiction! Talk about drama! For my own personal deities of lore stories I chose to place them in modern times with diminished powers. Same egos, but more challenges. So far I am liking the results. Looted, the first in the series was pretty well received and I am hoping Stealing Hearts does just as well. I am loving writing this series and in the latest book have …

Heart in Hand by Franny Armstrong

Kindness goes a long way
Do you go out of your way to be kind?
In Canada we celebrate a kindness day when people are reminded to be kind. Ellen Degeneres always says, 'Be kind to one another'. I heartily agree. Even if it's simply opening a door for someone, or helping them carry their groceries, it's important to make someone's day brighter.

I can't tell you how many times people have been kind to me, and I return it whole-heartedly.  The way I was raised, we have this special manner ingrained in us. My mother is one of the kindest people I know. The thing is, you have to give without expecting anything back.

My characters can be hard and toughened secret agents, and yet they do have a moment or two when they offer help to others. I once went to a book store and had a hard time deciding between three books. A lady came up to me, a customer, and I told her my dilemma. She helped me decide and then said, "Well that must be why I came here today." Then,…