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Guest Post & Book Feature - A Friendly Engagement (A Friends First Novel) by Christine Warner

One of the best parts—at least for me—when writing a book is that I can “borrow” traits, habits, names, and other goodies from people I know to make my characters come to In A Friendly Engagement, book one in the Friends First Novel series I went a little crazy in that respect, but it made the story so fun for me and I hope that all these little “borrows” make the story a fun read, too.

I’d like to share a few of my “borrows”:

1. Our heroine’s name is Devi Boss. I “borrowed” the name Devi from my niece. Devi is her middle name and I’ve always loved the uniqueness and it fit my character so well. As for Devi’s last name in the book, that was kind of a little joke from when my niece was a little girl. She liked to be in charge, so my dad always called her “The Boss.” Wah-la—Devi Boss was born.

2. Devi’s motto in the book is live-your-life-in-the-moment. I “borrowed” this from my daughter who possesses the same free spirit attitude as Devi and likes to live her life in the moment, too.

Give Us Your Best Excerpt Blog Hop

Today we're doing something really special, kids. It's excerpt day! From Wystan (The Heckmasters), no less. I joined in the Give Us Your Best Excerpt blog hop, so I hope you'll visit the other participants and read the other paranormal postings.
Here's the set up for Wystan: Rhia Duke has come to Berner, New Mexico Territory in search of a teaching job. When she arrives in town, she learns there is no job and that the town is occupied by reformed demons straight out of Hell. Half demon Sheriff Wystan Heckmaster wants nothing more than for her, her sister, and her friend to get out before he ends up losing human lives to demon activity. Because she demanded it, he's taken her to see the Pit, which is a gateway to Hell. Rhia, however, has other plans besides leaving...
“I reckon a hot hole in the ground isn’t enough to convince you to leave Berner.” He touched his horse with the reins, signaling it to turn around. “I couldn’t leave if I wanted to, Sheriff. We’re out…