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Rememberlutions 2015

Last year I saw an article on Buzzfeed about rememberlutions jars. Instead of making a resolution for the new year, you write down all the good things that happen throughout and place them in a jar to look at when the year ends.

I did mine for all my writing stuff. It's a good thing, because my memory is not cooperating as I try to recap the year. It's all, let's remember the last five minutes in vague detail and panic about how we have a car payment now! Thanks, brain. My Facebook feed is little help because it's mostly how my hair changed in the last six months (a lot).

I made my rememberlutions jar out of a mason jar I bought at Michael's, some of that color-your-own jar paint, some glitter nail polish and some crap velum stickers that obviously peeled. Some of the 'memberlutions stuck at the bottom because for some reason, the paint remains sticky down there.
My hand doesn't fit in the hole, so getting them out was a trick. #CraftFail

So let's look …

Merry Christmas!

Warmest wishes from me and mine to you and yours!

Happy Holidays!

It's a Party, Party People

I wanted to remind everyone that the authors of Once Upon A Regency are hosting a kick-ass party for our box set. We've got lots of stuff going on over there, including contests with prizes this month. Please come join us!

Your official invite is here:

And, if you pre-order, you can go here:

and enter to win even more prizes!

You can pre-order the set at any of these ebook retailers:

Yesterday, Once Upon A Regency hit #1 in Kindle ebooks folklore. It was an awesome moment. I'm super proud of this set already. I hope everyone enjoys it!