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NaNoWriMo Prep

It's nearly that time again, folks. The hapless race to the end of November in a landslide of words. I haven't accomplished much as a writer this year, I'm ashamed to say. There's something pressing on my mind and has been for two long years. There's the wobbly world of the news from Samhain that they were closing, then they weren't. I don't even know what's going with that at the moment.

On the other hand, my self-publishing hasn't been going too badly, it's just that I don't devote enough time to getting the three books I have written edited and out there. I should. I really ought to, but I haven't. Somehow, it's much easier to be lazy. That's about the case with every endeavor ever.

So Lawless has been sitting in a combination limbo of my flash drive and my Google Docs drive for over a year. Gathering dust a not even 10,000 words. I know I need to work on it as badly as I need to edit the other books I have written. Yet, I didn't.

I'm forcing myself to participate in NaNoWriMo in order to get this thing finished. The beginning is freakin' brilliant (as evidenced by the judges, all except one, of the Weta Nichols Contest, in which it finished 2nd in 2015). My greatest fear lies in that the rest of it probably won't be that brilliant. I've been working on it off and on this month and I'm afraid it's more confusing than anything.

Let me tell you what it's about. It's about this outlaw who steps in front of a child during a bank robbery of his planning and gets himself shot in the leg. He saves the child's life, but gets captured by the law and hanged. He dies. He wakes up in a jail cell, seemingly alive. Come to find out, he's actually at a sort of way station in the afterlife, waiting for his final judgement. Which could be going to Heaven, a do-not-pass-go trip straight to Hell, or Reoccurance, which is another shot at life. However, he's the surly, stubborn type who doesn't want to play along. A Judge is assigned to him, this poor woman who only wants to Reoccur after many, many years of trying to redeem souls. So it flops back and forth between the memories that led the main character to this point in his life and the current day where horrible monsters called Revenants are bound and determined to devour any and every available soul.

Sounds like a doable plot. This sucker is hard to write. It's not so much as telling his backstory that's difficult as telling the part about the why he's important to the Revenants. I'm nearly 12,000 words in and I'm going...gee, he's already had like four flashbacks. We haven't even established how or why he's able to do the things he can in the afterlife.

So this NaNoWriMo attempt may end up being a bunch of drivel, but I'm praying that it'll make sense once there's 50,000 more words saved in my documents.

Fingers crossed.


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