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That Time I NaNoWriMo'd Again

I'm pretty sure I'm only writing the same thing over and over, except in different forms. I'm keeping up with word count--just barely. Enough to give myself a little boost every day for the next day, but it's tight. And scary.

The hero is probably breaking out of his shell too soon. The heroine is kind of flat and uninteresting. I'm praying that when I go back and read this again, it's going to be amazing.

It's a long time until I reach the next badge after hitting the 10k mark last night. Twenty-five thousand words will earn me another one. I can't wait and I dread it. As per usual, my carpal tunnel has decided flare up again. Sleeping in my brace last night was not a cure-all, sadly. I didn't figure it would be, so I guess I'll go at it again tonight. Sometimes it takes around two weeks before things align inside my wrists again. Right now, it feels like there's a funky catch in there. Like it needs to be popped, but won't. Not. Fun. So why am I doing this again?

Well, according to my Word counter, I'm currently just over 27k total. That's way more than I had at the end of last month when I finally got my sh!t together and said, "I'm doing this." It might not be pretty. It might even be awful, but it's getting somewhere.

I WILL have a completed novel sometime before or around the beginning of December. Just in time to go to VisionCon. Of course, that means busting butt on editing and getting a cover done. I'm sweating from the effort already, but excited.

Write on!