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A Little Series Love

Two days ago, I finished my 15th (I had to write them all down and count) novel. It's historical romance called Love Remembers When, the sequel to Love Won't Run, also finished and waiting for me to edit it.

I can't recall whether I mentioned much about these books (the series is called A Sawyer's Folly Novel), but they're set in a fictional northwestern Arkansas town called Sawyer's Folly. Erm, basically the town is named for a crazy dude who was searching for his departed wife and stumbled off a bluff. Oops. So far no important characters have done this. Luckily.

While writing Love Won't Run, I introduced the hero, Lo, and there was some talk about his brother. His niece also has a big role--she was left with him by his sister, who ran off to marry a denture salesmen. In LWR, it's a romance where Lo tries to find help training his niece to be a proper lady. At the end, his brother comes home. So we get the hero of Love Remembers When as a guy with a t…