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NaNoWriMo Prep

It's nearly that time again, folks. The hapless race to the end of November in a landslide of words. I haven't accomplished much as a writer this year, I'm ashamed to say. There's something pressing on my mind and has been for two long years. There's the wobbly world of the news from Samhain that they were closing, then they weren't. I don't even know what's going with that at the moment.

On the other hand, my self-publishing hasn't been going too badly, it's just that I don't devote enough time to getting the three books I have written edited and out there. I should. I really ought to, but I haven't. Somehow, it's much easier to be lazy. That's about the case with every endeavor ever.

So Lawless has been sitting in a combination limbo of my flash drive and my Google Docs drive for over a year. Gathering dust a not even 10,000 words. I know I need to work on it as badly as I need to edit the other books I have written. Yet, I did…

Book Birthday! Five Roads From Beltane

Drumroll, please! I'm very excited to bring you something special today. It was a sooper sekrit prajekt I worked on over the summer. It's not an anthology, no! It's more like a choose your adventure book, sort of. You get a beginning with five characters and the chance to read about how the beginning affects them all. Here's the lo-down:

Five Roads  From Beltane
Western Interactive Book

Which Path Will You Choose?
Presented By D’Ann Lindun, Allison Merritt, RaeAnne Hadley, Susan Horsnell and Margaret Tanner


Outlaws hold up the bank in Beltane at the busiest time of the week. Dire consequences follow, not only for the outlaws, but also their hostages.

The scene is set.

 One beginning, five different endings.

Five Authors: RaeAnne Hadley, D’Ann Lindun, Margaret Tanner,
Allison Merritt and Susan Horsnell

The path is up to you.
The story unfolds in the way YOU decide.
Which path will you choose?


Interact with t…