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Looking Back & Ahead

I'm sitting here right now thinking about how five years ago I was getting ready to release The Treasure Hunter's Lady. February 10th marks the anniversary of the release date. And of a journey that branched wildly out into the publishing world.

Where I'm at now isn't so different as it was then. Way back as a naive writer who only had two/three books done or nearly done, I wasn't writing for a house. Today, I'm not writing for houses. Then, I wanted to. Funny how things change.

I wanted new covers to the anniversary and veered way off from the original "romance-y" looking covers because they're strongly romance, yes, but I've learned some things on this wildly careening journey about appealing to broader masses.

I've learned a ton, actually. Enough to go back and correct what I didn't know would drag down the writing then. Some of the things I learned were hard lessons that involved a lot of pain. And complaining. And I'm still kind of mad about some of those things, even though I know it was for the best. Five years ago me would probably be impressed with the changes in voice and skill.

Something five years ago me and now me have in common is that we're both still nervous wrecks about putting a book out. Lawless will be my next release and I'm anxious about it. I want to say it's better than The Guardian Chronicles, better than The Heckmasters, but I'm just the author. What do I know? Print copies are coming to VisionCon. Pre-order for the Kindle book is coming soon. Keep an eye out.

And now me is also procrastinating because she doesn't want to work on a Viking book in the heroine's POV. Some things never change.


  1. Lawlesss rocks! Don't be nervous. Everyone is going to LOVE it! :)


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