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Good News Comes in Threes, But Beware Stormy Seas

You know what day it is! No, not hump day. Don't start that junk. I don't want to hear it. It's the five year anniversary release day of THE TREASURE HUNTER'S LADY! What are we doing to celebrate? Um...not much. Go get a copy free on Kindle Unlimited. After you download that, download the other two too. You won't be sorry.

If you go back five years and read all the posts leading up to and after the release, I was a nervous wreck. It seems like a hundred years ago that it happened. In honor of five years of publishing, all The Guardian Chronicle books got new covers. Good times.

Speaking of new covers...

I imagine the publishing world is abuzz with the not-so-new news of Samhain's latest closure. I got the email yesterday afternoon. I won't lie about it. I'd requested my rights back for The Heckmasters a few months after the first closure announcement, then after Cris decided to stay open. I was actually waiting to hear if I was going to get them. It's a terrible situation for a good publisher. I was honored and thrilled when I signed all three contracts for The Heckmaster books, but I have to admit, I will be relieved to have my demon cowboy trilogy back in my loving arms. So, they're getting some updates and new covers as well. Watch out for that. They are fantastic. I'll let y'all know when the Heckmasters will be back!

And...the other day, after I'd had my fill of Vikings for the night, I opened a document that hadn't been open in two years. It's a thing with me. Wait almost two years to think about previously started projects. It was a historical romance that I began working on shortly after the last book I published with Kensington. I worked my way through 43,000 words, then quit because I wasn't sure it was making any sense. I couldn't figure out how to dig the hero out of the ditch he'd fallen into. So I abandoned it in a similar fashion that I left The Convict and the Cattleman out in the cold. I began reading through it. The first chapter was if-y, but the second chapter was really good. In fact, on the whole it was not the worst thing I've ever written. When I finished reading through it, I thought, bet I could finish that in 10-15k. I started a cowboy novella in addition to Erik Agmar, the Viking, whose story I started recently. I shoved them both aside and plowed through 11,000 words to write the end of this historical romance this week. I wrote yesterday until I thought I would cripple my left hand, because it is literally perfect for a western historical box set I want to put out this year. Ching! Done! Go, me.

But with all the good news comes some bad. I also found out this week that Amazon pulled the Treasured Love box set. Something about blah, blah, blah, they're tetchy about box sets that authors don't have contracts for and pirated books and whatnot. And sadly, the set was doing more sinking than floating in the vast sea of books. I really don't know why. Pirates are awesome!

I did find some great images that will make a perfect cover for Sin & the Sea, but I intended to add more to the story. It's only 23,000 words. I'd like to bump it up quite a bit. Instead of focusing on that, I wrote the end of that historical this week and added words to the Viking novella. I thought I would have more time before Sin & the Sea sailed back to me. Now with that and the Heckmasters, I'm going to be busier than ever.

Say, did you pre-order Lawless yet? While you're over there getting your copy of The Treasure Hunter's Lady free on KU, pre-order Lawless too. It's also free on KU and will be delivered in no time!