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Super Duper Updates

I've been busy, busy.

This week, I decided that I would learn print formatting or die trying. I have good news. I did learn it and I didn't come close to dying. It's astounding to me how difficult I've made this for myself since basically I started trying my hand at any kind of formatting. It's beyond me why there's not a super simple guide for dummies. I mean, Mark Coker wrote the Smashwords guide that practically made it stupid proof. Why isn't there something like that for print? Everything I've read left me confused and frustrated.

I stumbled on a blog post by Roxanne Smolen (it's here. If you have no idea what you're doing, you should read it). There are some things that I disagree with in it. You kind of have to play with it and figure out how you like it. But today I set up the Heckmasters and all my historicals for review in Createspace. The document viewer made them look spectacular. They're in review right now. Hopefully tomorrow everything will be a 'Go'.

Up until I decided to learn or die, I was working on a new book. It's, get this, a Victorian superhero novel. I'm having some trouble getting the beginning right. Every time I think I've got it, I start over and push what was the front farther back.'s troublesome. The best ones are, right? Let's hope so.

Then, I think yesterday, the May issue of InD'Tale magazine came out. The review for Lawless was in it. I think I submitted it as a paranormal, but it wound up in historical. Okeedokee. It got a four-star review and four steamy teapots. You can read the full review here.

I'm not sure whether I should keep writing the Victorian superhero novel or start editing (for publication), my last Viking book. That will only take a couple of weeks. It would be nice to have that one done and out of my queue. I also want to release some never-before-seen western historicals this fall in a box set. I should work on that too.

You see, I have all these projects and no order. I'm a pantser writer and a pantser live-r.

Oh, and next week is voting in the RONE Awards. DO NOT forget to vote for Tell (The Heckmasters) aka Hell & Gone. I'll be posting about it on FB and send out a newsletter to remind you. Get yer clickin' finger ready.


  1. So many awesome updates! My clickin' finger is primed!


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