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"I miss the space you took up in my life." - Anonymous

Hi, Daddy.

I miss you.

After all this time, it's finally getting easier to talk about you. To remember you without getting tears every single time. Without that tightness in my jaw as I fight them.

No matter what, November always slams me down. I've been a hot mess pretty much starting the week of deer season. I'm not proud of myself for that. Otherwise, I think it's been a pretty good year. Up until a couple of months ago.

I sent my best friend to see you. I know you were there to meet Pete when he left my arms. I told him to give you a big kiss from me. I loved that dog maybe as much as anyone ever loved a kid. Losing him was almost as bad as losing you. Because even though I miss you every day, that grief that feels like it could easily kill you had faded some.

It came back fresh and just as knife-like when I realized I was going to lose Pete.

At least when you went, you didn't suffer. I probably m…